Black people just can’t travel like white people can

The Ordinary Man
4 min readJul 10, 2023

Whilst black people can technically go to the same places as white people, we don’t because it’s not wise. This isn’t only when travelling to specific countries, it also applies to certain areas within countries. There are countries that are known for having no-go areas for black people, like Germany for example.

We aren’t welcome and may face extreme hostility or worse whilst we are in certain places no matter what we do. So next time you’re telling your black friend to go to a country, think about how they may be treated.

It might be fine when they go, and if they go with the right people, but you never know.

We get laughed at

I’ve heard countless stories about black people going to certain countries and being laughed at purely for being black. The only place I’ve heard it happening is in Europe which is a little surprising as there is a decent amount of black people in here.

In places like Spain, you get treated to monkey noises and gestures.

Despite all the black people in Europe that rise above stereotypes many European people have a narrow-minded view of black people and what we’re like. They have a community of black people in their country but they won’t let them go anywhere in life if they can help it.

Then they complain that black people are lazy and don’t want to go far. We do want to go far it’s just that you do all you can to stop us when we try and do anything positive. I’ve experienced this countless times in the UK.

We are automatically assigned criminal labels

In some countries, black people are automatically seen as criminals and treated as such. People are suspicious of us when we go into shops and when we visit places tourist sites like anyone else.

This completely ruins the trip because the locals are treating you poorly and don’t want you there. Even Oprah when in Switzerland was told…