How I’m laying out my financial goals

The Ordinary Man
5 min readFeb 9, 2024

In order to achieve anything you need to set goals, and real achievable goals too. Up until recently, I didn’t do this with my finances as I didn’t think about them in depth. I thought about all sorts of dumb shit in-depth, but not my finances.

I just thought that If I earned enough the rest would sort itself out, and since I’ve gotten into personal finance I’ve learned that a lot of people think the same way. But unfortunately, money doesn’t work that way and people who earn a lot are broke because of this way of thinking.

You need to be very specific about how you’re going to make money and what you’re going to do with it once you’ve got it. You need to assign a task for every penny you have. Some for savings, some for leisure, some for investments, some for emergencies, etc.

I wish I knew this when I was younger but my mum is herself only just learning about personal finance in her 60s. We all have to start somewhere.

The Dave Ramsey experiment

At the moment I am trying out the Dave Ramsey baby steps. I’ve started watching his show recently and it’s very good. The advice they give is for normal people, and they’re not encouraging you to do anything crazy like quit your job tomorrow and become an entrepreneur or buy an online course (although they do have programs).

I am on baby step 1, so that means I am saving 1k for an emergency fund. This is so if I have any problems like my car breaking down (again) I won’t have to borrow more money and make things worse.

I would have never considered this before because I would have thought that I needed to throw everything at the debt, but this way makes so much sense. But everyone's circumstances are different so we’ll see how it goes.



They say you should clear your debt from smallest to largest on the Dave Ramsey show, it’s called the debt snowball. But I’ve read that if you do it…