Listening to Middle-class people as a working-class person will keep you poor

The Ordinary Man
4 min readFeb 11, 2024

You’d think that spending time with and listening to people who have more money than you would help you make more money, but sometimes the exact opposite can be true. This is because of something called generational wealth and circumstances.

Most millionaires today are self-made, but the same isn’t the case for the middle class. Most middle-class people get their money through family and privilege, so a lot of them don’t know anything about money, including the real value of it. Why would you learn about money when you already have it?

This is even more true when you see middle-class people complain about how there is no hope because they can’t afford to live the same level of lifestyle as their parents right out of college. Who knew you had to work for the things that you want?

If you’re working class then you’re better off learning from people who were in your position or people who are rich and got rich by working for it. The people in the middle are just hanging out pretending to be humble.

The lack of help

Working-class people typically don’t have much or any help, whilst middle-class people get a decent amount. Middle-class people will complain about their selfish boomer parents but those very same people are having their houses paid for by the very people they’re criticising.

If you’re like me and you work with middle-class people then you’re used to seeing them buying houses when they’re young as well as going on constant holidays and buying the latest cars.

Person at work: “Where are you going on holiday this year?”

They earn the same amount as you but their money seems to be going further, is it something that you’re doing wrong? Potentially, but they also have the help of family so they can have extra luxuries.

On a side note, if my kid asked me for money for a holiday I’d say no, even if I was a millionaire. Luxuries are luxuries and if you want them you’re going to have to earn them. I mean if they’re adults with jobs.