The unfit fitness influencer

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4 min readNov 19

I have nothing against fitness influencers although they definitely don’t serve a purpose to society, not a positive one anyway. I can’t think of 1 good thing they do except provide me with a fat ass to look at now and then and assure me that I’m not the biggest narcissist on the planet.

They’re more toxic than good, and one thing I’ve been seeing more recently is the unfit fitness influencer. The fitness influencer who encourages you to not become fit but who is also always in the gym and in gym clothes. They know nothing about fitness and don’t care, that’s your problem.

Why people like them

What do most people who’re out of shape want? Is it realistic help becoming fit? Of course it isn’t, what they want is an excuse not to change, and that’s exactly what the unfit fitness influencer provides them with. Fat people love excuses, and they’re looking for people to provide them with more. Back in the day more or less everyone was slim, and not everyone has an excuse not to be.

Because the influencers glorify having no progress, they make people feel comfortable.

“The influencer says it’s ok to eat a bucket of food for breakfast so it must be good for you, I can’t understand why I’m not losing weight though. It must be because of the government.”

Some of the shit I see them promote is horrible. Eating poorly and justifying why it’s okay to do that all the time, lying to yourself, pointing the finger at others, and hiding yourself rather than self-acceptance.

They get clients

Luckily for them, most people don’t know anything about health and fitness so none of their clients will questions the things they say. Of course, I imagine someone savvy would see them and avoid them like the plague.

I bet they do a lot of learning on the job as they don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about, but they’re still allowed to be a personal trainer.

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