Toxic Workplace Stories Chapter 1

The Ordinary Man
6 min readOct 29, 2021

I could write a novel on all the toxic workplaces I’ve worked at. I’ve had a lot of jobs in my life so I’ve worked at a lot of shitty places that were full of shitty people. If I had found a nice place to work, I probably wouldn’t write anything that I write on Medium, I’d write about productivity and success instead.

I’d also be forcing you all to sign up to my email list and constantly throw online courses at you that won’t help you in any shape or form.

I’ve already written about Boohoo, this time I won’t name the company — I should, but I won’t.

My First Break In A Marketing Agency

I got this job before I was completely jaded from the working world. Everything was going my way career-wise, but I still couldn’t believe I got this opportunity. I got the job by freelancing and proving my abilities on my own. I actually got hired along with someone doing a masters in marketing and we were around the same level.

When you’re a career motivated person, you want the company you work for to have that same drive. From the interview, I gathered that they were driven, but that couldn’t be further from the case.

Everyone was laid back, which is fine but laid back to the point nothing much got done on a daily basis. Low standards aren’t always bad as it gives you leeway whilst you’re getting adjusted. But when you adjust you you feel like you’re getting held back.

The Staff


I have to say peer-wise, this is probably the nicest group of people that I’ve ever worked with. You might be wondering how a good group of people can cause a horrible environment, but in order to figure that out, you have to think about the people who dictate the environment.

I will admit, they were a bit weird and seemed to have no social skills. I spoke to a girl that used to work there and she said something similar. The people were weird. You couldn’t really speak to them and they made every interaction feel awkward. I’ve grown to learn that’s just what most people are like in Manchester.

The sales team were great though. They were all liars who were on coke, but a great hang. A nice change of pace…



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