Why I don’t speak at work

The Ordinary Man
3 min readAug 9, 2022

After a few weeks off, I’m back to complaining about work. It’s the only posts that you guys are interested in anyway.

In this week’s edition of “why work sucks” I will be getting into why I try not to say much at work, and why even being quiet doesn’t keep you out of trouble.

Stay tuned for more.

Some people are looking for a reason

Some people go to work looking for a reason to kick off about something, so they analyse everything you say in order to find a reason to cause drama. In order to stop them, I say as little as possible.

This way they have less to work with when trying to paint you as a monster. Some people will try and lure you into saying something controversial in order to make you look bad. Please don’t give them the satisfaction or the ammo to use against you. You can even try to agree with them.

I have this going on at the moment and I won’t bite. Two chavvy women are trying to get me involved in workplace beef because they’re boring and have nothing else going on in their lives.

I will not get involved you repulsive losers! Not even if one of you is good-looking.

Adults are so fragile

Adults are way more fragile than kids and teens, so they get triggered by almost everything. They have to carry years of pain and disappointment on their shoulders day after day so you need to avoid being the one that makes it all collapse.

One bad joke or controversial opinion can cause even the most stoic seeming adult to cry like a little bitch. Now you’re the bad guy and theirs an awkward atmosphere in the room.

Silence is torture

Did you know that the silent treatment is a form of abuse? I didn’t until I made someone cry doing it — and then looked it up. I’m not proud of it although she did call me a nigger and can go fuck herself.

She has a crush on me, she fucked me over with money whilst already on her last strike with me, so I ignored her from then on. It wasn’t supposed to be a big deal, but she ended up crying.

Again, don’t feel bad for her, she was and still is a cunt, a nice ass doesn’t…

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