Why should you watch women's football?

The Ordinary Man
4 min readJun 26, 2023

I am a big football fan and because of this, you’re going to see more football-related posts. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be doing transfer news or post-match analysis, I’m going to speak about it culturally and probably not that often.

One thing that I want to speak about right now is women’s football, and why both male and female football fans should watch it. It gets a lot of shit from men who’re intimidated by women doing typically male things, and men who don’t think women should be doing anything other than cooking and taking pictures of their ass on IG.

I’ve started watching more of it recently and I like it a lot. It has a lot of potential that I’m sure it’s going to fulfil as women’s football is a lucrative opportunity.

It’s a fun time

I watched the woman’s World Cup and I used to always watch the Women’s FA Cup final when it was on BBC 1, and it’s always a fun time. Football is about entertainment and fun and women’s football gives you just that. It is a different type of fun than men’s football, it feels more lighthearted.

There are a lot of goals in games and there is something nice about not knowing much about the players. If you’re into the tactical side of things, concentrating on the team instead of individuals is much easier when you’re unfamiliar with the players. Plus it’s nice to learn who’s good and who’s ass for the first time.

Because woman’s football has not been totally absorbed by greed (yet) there aren’t weird decisions being made. Your favourite players going to go to terrible leagues for money forcing you to stop watching them, and you don’t have teams cheat and get away with it like the dirty rats Man City.

The quality is good

People love to comment on the standard of woman’s football, and no it’s not up to par with most of men’s football, but it is a good standard regardless. I would also like to point out that standard doesn’t always matter in relation to…



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