Working In The Corporate World Has Taught Me Corporate People Are Mostly Idiots

The Ordinary Man
8 min readJul 31, 2021

I’ve worked in the corporate world for most of my career. I started my career volunteering in retail shops and warehousing before I got there, and before I got in, corporate people always seemed smart and dare I say, superior to me.

I saw the houses they lived in, and the cars they drove and wanted some of that for myself.

I worked hard to get into the corporate world, but after I had been there for a while, had a few jobs, and met a variety of people, I realised that it’s all just smoke and mirrors and you’re generally surrounded by bumbling idiots.

It’s the most disheartening realisation to come too, as you realise that all the hard work you put in was so you could work in stressful environments with selfish idiots.

The 9–5 Corporate Lifestyle Is A Joke

Let me start off with the corporate 9–5 lifestyle. Most jobs operate in the 9–5 model which is fine if you want to put your job before your personal life. In the UK working 9–5 means that you’ll never be able to accept a delivery, go to a bank, or go to the doctor unless you take time off work.

This is fine unless you’re in a temp job and don’t get paid when you’re not in. Or if you’re in a busy role that only you can do and everything falls apart when you’re not there, which happens at a lot of companies.

Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day with a short break in between is ridiculous, and it’s horrible for your health. You can take extra breaks but it doesn’t do much as you’ll still have that feeling of being chained to your desk. Over time your body deteriorates as it’s not supposed to be stationary for that long. You have to spend all your time outside of work trying to stop yourself from falling apart.

Another thing I hate about the lifestyle is being stuck to a desk for long hours surrounded by people you may not necessarily even like. In other jobs, there’s an escape, but in office jobs, if you’re sat next to a cunt, you can’t do much about it.

There’s almost always a heavy amount of gossiping and people seem to have no respect for other's…